Cornerstone Bible College

Discipleship is a Journey that starts with an Education

Cornerstone Bible College exists to create disciples of Jesus Christ through education and hands-on ministry. We believe that one of the biggest hindrances of discipleship is a quality education in the word of God. 

Low Cost

Our Bible college offers both associates and bachelor degrees at a low cost. We have partnered with Nation 2 Nation Christian University to offer a high level education at an affordable cost. 

High Quality 

Instructors are pastors and teachers from all over the world. Their passion is to see the Word of God accurately taught to future generations. 

Group Setting

While you can take these classes online through N2NCU, our church offers a group learning experience that will keep you accountable and push you toward life and love in Jesus Christ. 

Biblically Based

Cornerstone Bible College is committed to biblically based education in the Word of God. There is no substitute for the written Word of God. His Word is light in our dark world. 

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